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Related article: twist, each undone clip drew a little yelp from me that I just could not
hold back. What would happen when the blood flow resumed?
Karl happened.
The second he released the last stud allowing the straps and weights to
fall to the ground he rose like a rocket and with one hand behind my head
jammed his mouth over mine, the other hand grasping my balls viciously.
His body was tight against my own, damping down my paroxysms, the night air
was comfortable but cooling from the days heat yet he was burning, the heat
from his skin almost burnt. I could feel his heart beating fast, in time
with my own, almost sense the blood being rushed through his system, was
sure I could hear it. Or was that mine?
His open mouth absorbed and swallowed the muffled screams issuing from deep
inside me as the blood resumed its natural flow through my cruelly over
abused balls. We exchanged more than just tongues or spit then. Who knows,
pain, strength, endorphins, pheromones, whatever? We exchanged something,
something more than body fluids, something that we became aware of at the
same moment. His body locked momentarily and he pulled his head away
'Did you?'
'Yes,' I grinned back. I had to do something about this stupid grin.
'Have you ever...?'
In the heat of the moment I interrupted him, 'No.'
'Ive no idea. Can you live with it?'
'Oh God yes!' He continued, 'You know I've got to fuck you soon?'
'Fuck or rape?'
'Oh rape!' There was both threat and promise in his smirking reply. I'd
take both. 'Where?' he continued. I glanced over my shoulder to the
sling. 'What about your back?'
What could I say? Preteen Underage Nude
My back and arse cheeks were still burning and against
the sling would be sore as hell but I wanted, needed, him inside me. Deep,
thrusting, painfully inside me. He'd fucked me before but this was
different, that was consensual. I needed him to take me forcibly; he must
consummate his possession of my body in the most primeval way possible, as
my body would absorb and consume the result of that consummation.
'I've an idea,' he came back with.
Sat night continues. Clean up, me strung up, balls stretched, gagged,
heavy beating with him looking in face time to time and working on front.
Finally back in sling in dark, just candels dripping for light. Fucks me,
belts stomach.
Sunday, sit cross legged on patio with plug up arse and hands tied to legs,
head between his thighs as he eats, feeds me bits so dirty face. Him in
tight thick cotton shorts, pisses in my face. Daddy and pete join us for
late breakfast.
Date: Fri, 8 Mar 2002 17:18:24 -0800 (PST)
From: M Weldon
Subject: Daddy and boys: Chapter 2
Chapter 2
Joey finally, reluctantly got up and went into the house to clean up. The
piss had dried on him and he could smell it. The smell alone was keeping
his cock hard, not to mention the fact that he continued to fondle his
penis Preteen Underage Nude and balls. He went into the bathroom he, his brother and their Dad
shared. Their mother had died when Joey was still small. He couldn't even
remember her and didn't really miss her. His Dad was so great, they had no
need of anything. Joe, big Joe as he was called to distinguish him from
his youngest son, took good care of his boys and had done a good job
raising them. He had encouraged them to take up swimming like he had done
in high school. Preteen Underage Nude
Both boys were very good swimmers owing to the time they
spent in the pool he had had installed. They we in good shape. Joey, the
youngest was still small for his age but had developed a Preteen Underage Nude nice body from all
the time he spent in the pool. The oldest boy, Eric, now 16 was on the
swim team at school and was growing up nice, looking every bit his father's
Like Joe, both boys were blond and tan. Joe himself spent a good deal of
time in the pool and it kept him in good Preteen Underage Nude shape. He was young when his sons
were born, only 21 at the time of his first. Now, at only 37 and in very
good shape, he looked more like their older brother than their father. Joe
enjoyed his body, just like his sons and it was important to him to stay
fit. Since his wife had died he had little interest in other women and had
dated only very seldom, devoting most of his time to his boys. This of
course left him in need of release. Like his boys, Joe masturbated quite
frequently, especially for a man of his age. He had always loved touching
his own cock and didn't feel that he lacked anything by not having a woman
in his life. He could pleasure himself better than any woman could. He
knew just how to stroke his thick 9" cock so that he could hold off for
hours enjoying his body. Spending so much time pleasuring himself, he had
become very inventive, some might say perverted, in his solitary
After he got his boys off to school in the morning, Joe normally spent some
time giving himself a much needed release to his increasing sexual tension.
Watching his boys enter puberty and start to mature into men had somehow
started to make Joe feel like he was going through puberty again himself.
The knowledge that his boys were developing, their cocks growing, pubic
hair sprouting, sexual energy awakening, made him proud and also excited.
He knew his boys both masturbated regularly. He had seen the stained
sheets and underpants. He had talked to his boys early on about
masturbating and explained it was normal and natural and nothing to be
ashamed of. He wanted them to enjoy their cocks the way he enjoyed his and
was glad to see that this seemed to be the case.
He also wanted them to feel comfortable with their bodies. He hated
wearing clothes and so saw nothing wrong with letting his boys see him
naked or in little clothes. They all shared one bathroom and in the
mornings had gotten comfortable showering and using the toilet in front of
each other. When he was home he usually wore little or no clothes at all.
If the boys were home he generally had on underwear unless he was walking
to or from the shower. His boys also wore little clothes in the house,
just tight shorts or underwear. Joe enjoyed seeing his boys smooth
developing bodies. Eric was getting rather muscular and was turning into a
hot young man. He had inherited his fathers ample penis and it was
frequently obvious in his tight shorts. Joey, still a little small for his
age, was so sweet, running around in his Underoos, his tight little butt
framed by the tight white and blue material.
When alone, he went naked altogether. He usually got hard immediately and
would spend hours walking around the house with his big fat veiny cock
sticking straight out in front of him, occasionally stroking it to keep
himself excited. He loved to go out into the yard, which was enclosed, and
beat his meat. The sun on his naked body got him so turned on. His worked
in sales and his job was flexible so he could frequently work from home or
had to spend hours driving to and from clients. On these days he would put
his suit in the back seat and climb into his SUV naked and drive around
like that between meetings, stopping just before to put on his suit, then
removing it again when he left. He loved to drive naked. It just felt so
dangerous it turned him. He kept a butt plug in his glove box that he
would sometimes insert in his ass for a long drive, the vibrations of the
road driving the dildo deep up his hole. He frequently had to stop at some
abandoned spot or rest stop to beat off on these days.
He found himself thinking more and more about his boys. He desperately
wanted to touch their young bodies and teach them Preteen Underage Nude
all the wonderful ways
that a man could pleasure himself. And even as much as he enjoyed his
masturbation he longed to feel skin against his naked skin, his cock up a
tight hole in or in a wet mouth. And he longed to taste their young Preteen Underage Nude
right from their hot boycocks. He frequently sucked on their dirty
underwear when he beat off. He would suck the dried cum and piss stains
and lick the slight brown tinge on the back of their underpants.
Occasionally, when he was particularly horny, he would lick the rim of the
toilet where he knew one of his boys had just peed. Being boys they
frequently forgot to flush, but Joe wasn't going to scold them for it. He
loved to smell and taste their hot boy piss. He longed to drink their piss
right from Preteen Underage Nude their sweet young cocks. He loved the taste of piss and drank
his own or pissed his pants driving around, when he had pants on. He loved
to finger his ass deeply and taste the musty juices there. And he nearly
always ate his cum once he finally shot.
As much as Joe longed for his boys, however, he didn't want to force them
so he was waiting for the right moment. He would never make them do
anything they didn't want to, anything they weren't ready for. He felt
some guilt about his desires for his boys but knew that if it was
consensual it couldn't be bad, and he would never hurt them. He had
observed his oldest son, Eric masturbating several times. Once he came
home early from work. Eric was home from school, Joey was still at

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